Gay & Straight Couples Therapy and Mixed-Orientation Marriage

Dr. Humphrey has completed Advanced Training from the Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington. The Gottman Institute has been conducting therapeutic, assessment, and intervention research on couples and relationships since 1975. In addition to straight married and non-married couples, Dr. Gottman’s research and results have also been applied to gay and lesbian couples. Dr. Humphrey’s psychotherapy experience extends to all types of relationships, including “mixed-orientation” marriages. All relationships are unique, and her treatment is tailored accordingly.

“Mixed-orientation marriage” refers to relationships in which one person is gay or lesbian, and the other person is straight. While society has become more accepting of gay couples, mixed-orientation relationships are less understood. When a gay spouse agonizes about disclosure, determining how to resolve the predicament can be petrifying. Upon divulging one’s homosexual orientation, profoundly traumatic issues for both partners usually arise, including loss of trust, depression, betrayal, shame, how or if to inform the children (if any), whether to remain together or depart, etc. Due to the delicacy and sense of vulnerability experienced by those suffering from this marital condition, Dr. Humphrey has developed a true in helping these individuals navigate the numerous complexities experienced in these situations.

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